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One new word, unintended!

One word, one colour, one emotion, one thought. My one word project is an exploration of condensing the basic, most simplistic elements of my design into a reflective expression. These are the words that are posted into my design portfolio of my latest project. Read More

Silencing the voices in my head

Until I had the same experience from all of them within a month, all of them in return communication made me feel as a listener, irrelevant. In varying degrees and in varying ways, from a two word response to no response, they all left me questioning why it was I had committed my time to them in the first place. Read More

What is 'Vent' you ask?

My intention was to periodically address issues of day to day occurrences that get in the way of a productive and happy existence and in some small way make them a little bit of fun. A place of humour, opinion both informed and at times uninformed, just put simply my place to vent and save my sanity. Read More